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Design We Love - The Gin Wheel: Bombay Sapphire East Gin x Avroko

Everybody has a poison of choice, even if it’s not an alcoholic one. Drinks represent more of our Friday Feeling: Design We Love than a satiating quench for the pangs of a thirst. In our post-modern era, a drink has become a social ritual – an opportunity to ponder and reflect, to get to know somebody, or simply to wind down after a long day. At least that’s how those from the glass-half-full school see it.

Back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, cracking open a strong tipple was a way to start a conversation, a business meeting, or to celebrate a success, be it long or short-term (fans of the popular television series Mad Men will know exactly what we’re talking about here!

But it has never just been about the drink itself, has it? No – the buzz of the bar that provides your back drop, the glass you use, and even the bottle from which your ‘liquid love’ is poured are all part of the rite.

Bombay Sapphire East Gin and design firm Avro KO have realised this. They have come up with a way for champions of the time-honoured G&T to revolutionise their social swilling. Remember how the Lazy Susan catapulted the average kitchen into the domestic version of a renaissance?

Well, the collaboratively designed Gin Wheel aims to do exactly the same thing for the sideboard.

This limited edition station for the organisation of swigging essentials has been hand crafted from top-notch walnut wood. What’s more, it tucks perfectly into any designated vault or vacuum in the kitchen or living room.

A round plate constructed from stainless steel transforms it into merry-go-round of merriment. A quick spin opens up small caves of opportunity, wherein you can store the essentials: botanical trimmings for presentation, coasters and coupe glasses. And, right in the Gin Wheel’s bulls-eye is a cleverly concealed chiller-cum-ice bucket that ensures that your grog remains just as cool as this device looks!


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