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SAGATIBA: This is what SUCCESS tastes like.

We know a future success story when we see one. And apparently, so do the folks down at The Express. The British national newspaper recently named Sagatiba – a design graduate of our wines and spirits and packaging endeavours – as one of the key ingredients in its top five London cocktails.

Sagatiba came to Interscope Productions with the aim of giving its Brazilian sugarcane spirits a classy outfit. They wanted their high-quality, premium brand to adopt its rightful pedestal at the forefront of the world’s best cocktail bars. Those that know how we work will know that we love a challenge. So, of course, we obliged!

The liquor had already made waves in its native Brasil, but proprietors Gruppo Camapari felt that other taste buds needed to experience the tantalisation its flavours deliver. As a result, it would need a shiny new coat to wear in its new international homes.

Enter Interscope. We have been known to create an elegant, custom display tray or two using fine cherry woods. Harnessing the superpowers of our creative juices, we got to work on a design for Sagatiba.

We took two-dimensional visuals, sprinkled some creative dust on them, and stood back to admire the resultant three-dimensional work of art. And, just to give it that authentic finish, we also applied a smidgeon of Danish oil.

The Scandinavian lacquer is a superior blend that penetrates and nourishes the wood and brings out its beauty. Guitar makers, among others, swear by it: and you can see why!

It’s no surprise to us, therefore, that Sagatiba is beginning to find stardom in the capital’s swankiest spots. These include venues like Moorgate’s The Gable. According to The Express: “you cannot go to The Gable without trying their version of the Caipirinha, which is a straightforward concoction of Sagatiba Cachaca, fresh lime and sugar served over crushed ice.”

We at Interscope would perhaps go a step further and suggest that you can’t take your product to the ball without the right tuxedo… and that’s where we come in!


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